This post is a response to feedback from the group "Mindfulness in the workplace and mindful leadership" (Linkedin). Members of the group called for important topics on the agenda and pinpointed the need to define Mindful leadership and mindful organisations. I will contribute by write a series of articles/blog posts and take step by step in defining Mindful leadership. I hope you will join in - and enjoy.

I will do this by asking a series of questions as the basis for reflection. The first question: Where does mindful leadership take place?

Mindful leadership is all about relations. When I give talks about mindful leadership the audiences often give affirmative nods when I say that mindful leadership is all about relations. But what is at the top of their minds when they think of relations? When asked they say interpersonal relationships. This is not where mindful leadership takes place. The relation between human beings is the secondary relation. The secondary relation is the context in which the consequences of your mindful leadership (or lack thereof) is played out. If we consider this relation the focal point of our inquiry into mindful leadership, then we are missing the point. Mindful leadership takes place in the primary relation on your internal stage and is a fundamental quality of leadership - or primary if you will. The primary relation is the relation between the subject and the objects. The subject is your potentiality when it comes to being a leader and the objects are basically thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. The subject is what is seeing, the objects are that which is seen. The subject is what you are, the Self if you will, and the objects are the counterpart which makes up the dualistic frame of experience. This relation is the relation in which all human experience takes place and the quality of this relation determines your mindful leadership. So mindful leadership is all about relations - it is all about the primary relation. This is where mindful leadership takes place.

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